April Newsletter
Nov. 10, 2015
These are exciting times for Casual Cuffs. In March we launched a new website, updated our cuff selection, and attended some great events. Please take a look below and find out where we will be this month. Of course, we hope you will take a moment to visit the new website and shop for a few cuffs. Hint Hint: Mother's Day is just around the corner!!
Featured Cuffs

Western Heart Cuff with Turquoise


Leather Cuff with Gold/Silver Heart with Turquoise Studs

Large Crystal Maltese Cross

$32.00 ( $40.00 )

Maltese Cross on Wide Leather Cuff

Celtic Heart Leather Cuff


Large Irish Celtic Heart Leather Cuff

Hearts With Flowers Cuff


Gold and Silver Heart + Red Studs. Available on a brown or black narrow leather band.

Americn Flag Leather Cuff


USA flag on a black repurposed leather band.

Large Berry Heart


Leather Cuff with a Large Berry Heart with Silver Studs

Check Junk n love district for all the vintage and handmade scoop in AZ!

Junk N Love District

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Junk N Love is your central source to locate the best home d├ęcor shops, indie artisans (including Casual Cuffs), workshops, markets, and unique finds.

We Love Questions

Do you have wholesale pricing?

Yes, we have lots of cuffs other than the ones listed on the website. Feel free to contact us and we will make you the cuff of your dreams.

Do you make custom cuffs?

What is it that motivates you to create a cuff?

Each cuff snaps in two places and M/L should fit most wrists. You can measure your wrist just above the wrist bone with a tape measure. Don't pull it too tight or too loose. If you are ordering for someone else, think about what size frame they have and that should be fine for selecting their cuff size.

What size do I order?

Cuff Maker In Charge

The Founder of Casual Cuffs


Jennifer harnessed her entrepreneurial spirit to repurpose leather belts and create unique, handmade + eco-friendly cuffs for everyone.